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As part of our participation in Pissed Consumer's satisfaction program, we were notified that you expressed a concern regarding your experience with our company. GPS and ABS are separate legal entities, independent of IPA, which have their own budgets, their own bank accounts, their own tax ID numbers, their own books of account, and their own business registrations. The owner of IPA is neither an owner, director, officer, nor is he employed by, GPS and ABS. We employ a highly experienced group of professionals specializing in serving small- and medium-size businesses in the United States and Canada. The experience of our staff is unrivaled and represents hundreds of years when measured collectively. The business analysis is performed by an expert analyst. Our policy requires that they perform a business analysis prior to engaging clients in consulting projects. Ethical business analysts are trained to discover problems, determine how to solve them and prioritize those that can provide the business owner a significant return on investment. The fees for the business analysis are structured to bring maximum benefit to our clients and are surprisingly inexpensive. At the conclusion of the analysis, the business analyst meets with the client to present his comprehensive findings and recommendations. Together, the client and the business analyst decide whether to go forward with a consulting project in an effort to improve the business and achieve the client's goals. If you would like to accept our assistance to better assist your concerns, please contact us at (877) 269-0826.


You guys saved me a bunch of money and more importantly TIME! My business partner and I were looking for a business consultant to come in and help us streamline our company. A smooth talking sales guys from ABS came in and convinced him to sign up for their analysis, if we don't like it, we don't pay. The analyst came in today and I asked one of my sales guys to do some research quick...

and "low & behold" we found out that ABS is really IPA, GPS, ABS, etc., etc., etc. I politely booted the analyst out and registered for! Don't let these guys smooth talk you into their services. I've owed a technology business for 8 years now and employ a number of people, and this lady had the gull to tell me she knew my business better than I do (Identity Management & DoD encryption)...

ya right!

If you run a business, you're a select few who have the guts and knowledge to be successful.If you need business help, find someone local that has the skills you don't and stick to what you know best.

Good luck!

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