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Mr. Brown, As part of our participation in Pissed Consumer's satisfaction program, we were notified that you expressed a concern regarding your experience with SMS-NA, LLC (SMS). SMS is a strategic marketing provider which contracts with companies for telephonic appointment setting services. It provides these services to many companies, including Angstrom Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS). SMS is not related to ABS in any manner. For more information about SMS, please visit our website at In addition to removing your company's information from our database we took the added precaution of placing your name on our Do Not Call list and electronically blocking your number. Magda Chodan Assistant Director of Client Services

I was called today by a pushy salesman. I wanted the company name.

He said it was SMS. I said I couldn't find it on the net (finding out that their acronyms are similar to many other, thus confusing those trying to look), so, I told him I couldn't use his services. Then, someone in the background, a gal, said Abs. Went to the website, saw ben stein, which is misleading in itself.

Then, found that the AG in one state has filed suit for deceptive advertising and hundreds of complaints, and, showing all the connections betweein IPA/GPS etc.

Son/Father, who cares, they're deceptive with generic information. I would never consider using them.

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Just got a call from SMS. He said he was calling for a "consultant" who was based in our area that would like to come by and talk to us.

I asked what for and he said he didn't know!!!! I thought it sounded like the old ABS scam so I looked it up. I see that they have flooded this website for testimonials on how good they are - all anonymous.

I wonder how many are from the same guy sitting in an office monitoring this stuff. If and when this person shows up I will be prepared.......What a joke.


You are right. They hide under the acronyms GPS, ABS,SMS,GR,CBS,ISI and STA.

Although they may be separate legal entities- they are managed by the same management team. Every time bad publicity catches up with them they change their names.

All the above were previously operating under the umbrella of IPA and IBA USA. All the great reviews hereunder are been written by their inside IT team.


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