We were telemarketed by ABS out of the blue in late April of this year and decided to speak with their salesperson. We agreed to let them evaluate our company at that time. I must say Ted was outstanding and very knowledgeable?. He discovered items within our business that have caused us to be less profitable than we wanted but had no clue what the issues were and how to correct them/.

The consulting team of Bill and Ron showed up on Monday morning at 6:30 am ready to get to work,. Rich their Senior Tax Consultant came along also!.

From the start, these gentlemen were very professional and knowledgeable;. Ron has done an outstanding job for us;. We now have a handle on cash flow management along with gross margin tracking, sales funnels and lead generation|.

We have a long way to go but I am confident with the help of Ron and ABS we will turn this company into a profitable one|.


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